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Consider this a free pass to share any questions, concerns, or crit you may have about how I play Castiel. Your prayers will be answered in the order they are received.

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Character Information

Character Name: Castiel
Canon: Supernatural
Canon-Point: End of S7, a few weeks after he's sent to Purgatory.
Age: Since life began on Earth, at least 3.9 billion years
Castiel is the classic fish out of water. Though he's spent most of his time as an angel serving Heaven, he proves early on to have doubts about his orders and the agenda of his brethren. However, it takes his relationship with Dean and Sam Winchester to prompt him to act on these doubts and fight on the side of humanity and free will.

Before meeting the Winchesters Castiel is not specifically attached to humans and has not spent a lot of time among them. He finds them aesthetically pleasing and knows that God loves them, but he admits that he was rooting for the Neanderthals to win the evolutionary race, not Homo sapiens. He believes in the greater good and is willing to sacrifice the happiness of his vessel, Jimmy Novak, in order to carry out his duties. He shows little sympathy toward Novak, even possessing his young daughter when Novak initially refuses to let him back in.

Dean and Sam are the first humans Castiel really grows to care about. Retrieving Dean from Hell creates a 'profound bond' between the two of them, which working alongside the brothers only strengthens. As his attachment to the Winchesters grows, he comes to see them as a surrogate family that needs protecting. In return, their influence rubs off on Castiel and he eventually rebels, becoming 'corrupted' in the eyes of other angels.

During his exile from Heaven he is forced to spend his time on Earth with limited powers and absorbs some human culture and behavior. This ranges from calling Raphael 'his little bitch', emulating scenes from pornography, drinking alcohol, and even learning how to use a cell phone. However, there is still much he does not understand and he tends to take things too literally, resulting in some humorous miscommunications. Thus, though Castiel is probably older than life itself, he in many ways is still an innocent finding his place in the world and dealing with novel stimuli. Dean several times calls him a 'baby', referring to his lack of experience and proper judgement in many areas.

Castiel is a champion of free will. While in exile he takes issue with authority figures in Heaven and Hell who want to bring about the Apocalypse. He is often killed and beaten by his brothers and sisters for standing up for humans, particularly the Winchesters. Archangels like Michael and Raphael are obvious adversaries to his cause, but even sympathetic angels like Anna and Rachel eventually believe he's gone too far.

As Castiel is easily corruptable, it makes sense that power intensifies the effect. Successfully stopping Lucifer earns him not only a resurrection from God but a promotion. This special recognition makes him think he can handle any obstacle and that he should lead the Host of Heaven. This, coupled with wanting to spare Dean worry and pain, prompts him to start working with Crowley and foment a civil war in Heaven against his political enemies. Unfortunately the headstrong angel makes several mistakes along the way. He pulls Sam from Lucifer's cage, but neglects to realize he left his soul behind. He plots with Crowley to steal souls from Purgatory and gain their power, never considering that he may not be able to actually control that power. And did I mention his partner in crime is an untrustworthy demon? Finally, and perhaps most worrying, Castiel forgoes all support in order to do this, keeping his plans from the Winchesters and even blatantly lying to them at times. When they try to stop him, he attacks Sam's mind, releasing memories of Lucifer's cage from his newly restored soul-- a potentially lethal act.

Castiel temporarily loses a great deal of both his newfound humanity and his mercy when he gains the power from the Purgatory souls. He brands himself the new God, slaughters the angels who opposed him, threatens Dean and Sam, and begins punishing the humans who do not follow his beliefs. For example, he specifically derides the notion that God cares about sexual orientation. He abandons the notion of free will, promising to police humanity with a firm hand and to be a 'kinder', more present God in contrast to his absentee Father. Once compromised by Leviathan souls, Castiel becomes out of control, slaughtering an entire campaign headquarters. It's only then that he realizes he was wrong and returns to Dean and Sam for help, even attempting to return the souls to Purgatory and dying in the process.

Castiel loses much of his confidence and drive after he is resurrected yet again. For a time he suffers from amnesia, probably due to voluntary self-repression. He believes he is a human faith healer and lives with a wife for a while under the name Emmanuel, helping the sick. Once he spends a significant amount of time with Dean, however, he regains his memories and immediately becomes repentant and avoidant. He believes he should be punished and that he cannot do any good by helping the Winchesters. His last act is to take on Sam's pain from the cage, rendering himself near-comatose for months and later on incredibly manic, babbling about unrelated trivia and refusing to take anything seriously.

It's important to note that Castiel isn't broken due to taking on Sam's pain. In fact, he believes that pain helped him to rebuild his psyche. Castiel's biggest roadblock to sanity is that he feels extreme guilt over the choices he's made. He considers himself bad luck, believing that every move he's made has been wrong, and that he destroys whatever he touches. This frightens him into extreme apathy and neutrality. He flees instantly from any sign of conflict and makes great attempts to deflect with humor and board games. He decides to be zen and look for God's pattern in nature, considering himself unaligned with anyone except maybe the bees he tends. He refuses a position with his old garrison in Heaven. Good versus evil is not a dichotomy he's particularly interested in anymore. At some point Castiel even bonds with a demon named Meg. This bond is undoubtedly strengthened when she watches over him in the psych ward, to the point where he develops a crush on her and calls her beautiful despite being able to see her 'true face'.

Castiel and Dean's time in Purgatory is a direct result of him giving in and helping the Winchesters fight the Leviathans. Because of this Castiel is a bit more somber than before, and even further racked with guilt. On the plus side, the brief time he spent there was sufficient to shock him into further sanity, much as taking on Sam's pain did. He's still broken, but he's slowly starting to heal.

Abilities/Powers: As an angel, Castiel can inhabit human vessels, taking them over completely much like demonic possession. His true form and voice are damaging to the human body, causing their eyes to burn out of their sockets and their ears to hurt. Inside the vessel he is just as formidable, able to exorcise demons by laying a hand on their heads and burning them straight out of their vessels. He displays pyrokinesis and telekinesis a few times and even once kills a group of human-monster hybrids by blasting white light from his palms at them-- perhaps related to how human vessels react to his true form. Angels boast superhuman strength beyond what should be possible from their human vessels. They can also sedate humans with a touch. Angels are able to heal others as well as themselves. Of course, they can also inflict disease at will. Castiel can resurrect humans and retrieve them from Hell.

Angels' powers seem centered in their Grace, a part of them that can be removed at will. They can become far more powerful by channeling the energy from souls. Even a tiny amount of energy allows Castiel to pull people from the past, and absorbing many more allows him to best an archangel.

While he resides in the vessel it is invulnerable to most weapons, healing quickly. However, more powerful angels can kill him quite easily with a snap of the fingers. He is also vulnerable to Angel Blades and can be killed by them if struck in a vital area. Angels are vulnerable to banishment and exorcism spells. Enochian sigils can keep people or objects hidden from angels or ward them away from certain areas. Burning holy oil in a ring around an angel will trap it.

A few things will harm or kill an angel, including celestial weapons such as the Staff of Moses, Lot's Salt and Angel Blades. Others include Death's Scythe and the Colt. In addition certain creatures can easily kill angels or dampen their powers, including Leviathans, Cambions, and the Mother of All.

One of Castiel's most used abilities is teleportation. He can teleport others with him and even travel through time. It only takes him seconds to search an entire city. He can also spy on humans using invisibility.

Angels have access to human souls and minds. They can examine and draw energy from souls, communicate telepathically with humans through dreams, tamper with memories, bestow prophetic visions, and remove psychic ability. They are sensitive to supernatural beings, being able to Reapers, hidden sigils, and the true faces of demons. Castiel can recognize individual Leviathans by sight because they once inhabited him.

Castiel knows a great deal of lore including spells, the names of all the prophets, and tactical knowledge of Hell. He has military experience and has referred to his time spent in a 'garrison' while serving Heaven. He excels at hand-to-hand fighting with a Blade.

Items: Just what he's wearing. Trenchcoat, white hospital scrubs. Bags of honey in the pockets.


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